Friday, August 28, 2009



It haven't been that well for us form five students.. Life have not always been that well until SPM is over.. God, only a few months left... Time do flies when you're not studying.. I wish I can make that sense and really feel it in reality.. That would have been really great..
I regret letting go of all the moments where I can really study well. I slept most of the time during class hours and in dorm... Wished I haven't done that.
But now, guess I can only try to use the time I have left well...
May God bless our journey in getting straight A1's...
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Cyber Ma 2nD homE?

CyBer Cafe
located in the hearts of kaykay
Above Lintas Superstore
Only RM1.50 per hour from Monday to Thursday
Other days cost u RM 2.50 per hour
Such a big turn-over for us Internet freaks!
such a big amount of time I spent here, the price is kind of cheap to consider the amount of stuff you can do in that span of time..

Yup its
pure fun.. After surfing the net, I will start playing
  1. Call of Duty 4 or
  2. Call of Duty 5 or
  3. Left 4 Dead or
  4. some mini games which are created for kids but yet it promise you a great amount of pathetic fun the minute you on that game!
Yup, cyber cafe is superbly fun! Love you forever..

Live life to the fullest... And love it...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here, again in cyber 4 just a while...

Heck, I just want to send the titles to my bro in uia 4 the mrsm debate.. Hope he can help out..
To my peeps, good luck with all the homeworks, it can be such a headache doing all that... Want to play COD 4 first... tata!!

Live life to the fullest... And Love it...
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Some blurbs...


It's HOLIDAY!!!! God, sooooo much to do in these two weeks.. Trust me, I have to enjoy my last moments of freedom before the real war with SPM starts... Plus, I have to complete revising my form four topics, science subjects come first for sure... Love? After I'm old enough of course...

Exam was over and it didn't go that well... I hope I will get 'Penghormatan Pengetua' even if I have to be at the bottom of the list.. Miss my buds a lot.. I'm having a rough time with one of them... Here goes... I really appreciate her as a friend, God, its since primary school we've been together.. And all of a sudden, she said something to me that make me realise that I was not much of a friend she need at that time... I don;t really mean anything to her except the roommate to her 'friend'... It's kind of sad to know that, really... But someone told me that, you don't have to degrade your dignity for that particular friend... Maybe she's right... I deserve a better friend... This problem may seem petty, but it kept on disturbing me throughout that week of exam.. Well right now, who gives a damn about that..
My bros are back and that's good! We'll b e playing in the cyber a lot.. Shooting people's heads off... Yay.. That's all from me....

Live life to the fullest... And love it...


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Friday, May 1, 2009

UIA interschool debate..

Man, it was such a fun experience... seriously.. I was so thankful to have being chosen to go to one of this trip..
We had some tough times trying to think of the arguments and all, but it was worth the time.. I met new friends and they were very interesting people, from very different backgrounds and different schools.. It was really cool!!
not much time, so I give the exact details on the trip later on..

Live life and enjoy!
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